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Sicily: Aeolian islands suggestions.

by Narcil on August 07, 2017

Hello! I'm new here so forgive me if the answer was available but I was unable to find it. The Google map of the islands didn't seem to show dive spots.

My father and I are both experienced divers (he did about 1200 dives, me about 150) but are new to this area. His  boat has all the gear and a compressor so I don't really like going to talk to dive shop owners asking for their spots. 

Tomorrow we are heading to Vulcano island and plan to spend a week around the Aeolian islands. I would really appreciate if anyone could share their experience of the place! ...


Hiddens Gems of Australia

by Pete Bucknell on November 01, 2015

Visiting Sydney for six Months, I’ve been shown some of the local diving. Surprises lie just off the beach! Unlike in the Caribbean where divers swarm in to get a picture of a lone seahorse, Sydney’s seahorses are in abundance, and if you really slow down your diving and eye movements, you start to see them everywhere, along with the cuttlefish and other camouflage experts: Video

The water can get chilly, so a 7mm wetsuit, or drysuit are the way to go if you’re down South.

Wreck diving in Australia is popular, and worth doing some research. Most popular is the wreck of The Adelaide which is a few hours drive from Sydney, followed by a short boat ride. There are several other wrecks too....


Curaçao dive spots

by Tim Oosterhaven on May 15, 2015

Not all dive spots can be found on Diveboard... are there more diverse around Curaçao who want to put some effort in putting them on the map?


El Boreas

by Victor Masmitjà Prieto on April 19, 2015

El Boreas no es un barco. Es un pecio. Esto significa que es un barco hundido. Este pecio fue, en vida, un remolcador de altura alemán, de nombre Pellworn, que participó en la Segunda Guerra Mundial con la Marina de su país, resultando con graves daños en su estructura, que nunca quedó reparada del todo. 

Al finalizar la guerra el barco pasó a formar parte de la Marina de los Estados Unidos, donde fue rebautizado como USN102 y destinado a sencillas tareas de trasporte. En 1960 volvió a la Marina alemana para desempeñar funciones de localización de torpedos y minas en la escuela de armas submarinas de Wilhemshaven. En 1980 fue vendido para ser desguazado, pero su destino cambió cuando fue...


Túneles de Port Salvi (Edén Roc) en Sant Feliu de Guíxols

by Victor Masmitjà Prieto on April 08, 2015

La cala de Port Salvi, conocida también por Edén Roc debido al establecimiento hotelero que aquí se encuentra, es una de las inmersiones clásicas de la Costa Brava. A nuestro entender tiene diversos argumentos que la hacen recomendable. En primer lugar, es un itinerario submarino que está muy documentado, ya que en el centro de buceo de la misma cala hay una maqueta muy útil para planificar la excursión subacuática, y el fondo está detallado y dibujado en el libro de Andreu Llamas "GUÍA SUBMARINA de la COSTA BRAVA de Sant Feliu de Guíxols a Begur " (ISBN 978-84-933167-8-5). ...


Tobago Diving Suggestions?

by Dave Mason on August 10, 2014

Heading to Tobago next week for  few weeks R&R and to take in some diving. I'm doing a week on the south of the island and a week on the north coast. Any suggestions on dive sites? I am also taking a camera so any heads up to good photography sites would be great, i know most dives on the island are drift.


Great Key Largo Diving on the USCG Duane!

by Sdweller on July 01, 2014

The diving here in Key Largo in June has been about as good as anyone can remember lately.  Flat calm seas have been the norm for about 8 days and counting, and the weather forecast for Key Largo predicts more of the same for as far ahead as they forecast. As most of you know, we now are running more consistantly to the deeper wrecks with the addition of the HMS Minnow to our operation.

The USCG Duane and the Spiegel have been amazing this summer.  First, for those of you who are not familiar…the USCG Duane is a 329-foot cutter that was decommissioned on August 1st, 1985.  The ship was intentionally sunk on November 27, 1987 off of Key Largo, Florida Keys, to create an artificial reef....


Mochima National Park

by Antonio Enrique Dugarte Guedez on March 24, 2014

Dive Resort recommended  excellent dive center

Mochima National Park is 600 m. above sea level, northeast of Venezuela, between the cities of Barcelona, ​​Puerto La Cruz and Cumana, and extends along the coast over an area of ​​94.935 hectares. 

Its beauty is diverse: spectacular beaches like the Gulf of Santa Fe, the archipelago Drunk, the Peninsula and Bay Manare Mochima, multiple islands, many of them virtually untouched, as the Caracas Islands and Chimana Islands, and unique combination of mountains kiss the sea. All these wonders can be reached by boat service area. and has more than 60 dive sites ...


Neptune Islands - Great White Shark Cage Dive

by Luc Rodgers on January 14, 2014

Hey,  just wanted to share a video of a cage dive I did in May of 2013 out of Port Lincoln, South Australia. I went with the Calypso Star charter and their boat and staff were excellent. If you're ever in the area I highly recommend.

Great White Shark Cage Dive from Luc Rodgers on Vimeo.


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