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by Fzefezfe on May 02, 2017



Seahorse Population Survey with Kenna Eco Diving, Costa Brava, Spain

by Ecodiver on July 03, 2014

Many marine conservation research dives this season have involved Kenna Eco Diving volunteer research divers in our Seahorse Population Survey, which is proving very successful and rewarding as we have discovered a breeding population of both European species, Hippocampus hippocampus and H. guttulatus.

To date we have logged and photographed 17 individuals, including several pairs and 12 pregnant males.

More dive volunteers are needed to help with this research. Please get in touch if you would like to help.

You can see videos on our Forum. Please join our community.


Finding the Giant Squid

by Ksso on April 11, 2014

An absolutely must-see TED Talk by marine biologist Edith Widder explaingin how they managed to attract and make footage of the giant squid.

As Edith reminds us, we've only explored 5% of our oceans - there's still a lot to discover! Hidden in the abyss may be more wonders like the giant squid produced by hundreds of millions of years of evolution.


The Importance of Coral Reefs

by Shelley Collett on January 13, 2014

Coral by


In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.~ Baba Dioum

Whether you're a scuba diver or not, it's almost inevitable that you've heard talk about saving the coral reefs. Even as a scuba diver, it's possible you've dismissed these notions. It's possible you think the threat is overstated or that the screeches you hear are from chicken littles or 'tree-huggers'. It's also possible that you don't really understand why it matters in the first place.  They're just a bunch of coral, right? I mean, as a diver they're pretty to look at, but they couldn't really be that big of a deal,...


Collaborate with Mediterranean scientists

by M.LO on December 09, 2013



Whale Fantasy in Tonga Island

by Ksso on September 27, 2013

Perfect video to get ready to dive before the weekend! 3 mermaids freediving with humpback whales in Tonga islands. The images are totally breathtaking - especially when whales and mermaids roll on the side together - in a common silent understanding.This video was taken by Alan Watts and dive operator was Dolphin Pacific Diving.

Thanks Benoit for the tip !


The Mantis Shrimp is making the buzz!

by Ksso on September 02, 2013

No one can remain untouched by the beauty of the Mantis Shrimp - with all the colors and the big eyes it's an awesome subject for underwater photographers, especially when bearing eggs. This little fellow can be found mainly in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean - if you're diving in that area make sure you'll look for it.

Despite the amazing colours and big intriguing eyes, it turns out the Mantis Shrimp is a terrible and very aggressive predator!The main feats of this species lies in two very different characteristics:

An incredible vision with extremely sophisticated eyes: each eye has 2 lobes enabling depth of vision on a per-eye basis, eyes are totally independent...


The Blue Dragon, a unique kind of nudibranch

by Pascal on March 05, 2013

While checking out a few of the very educative quiz from DAN, I stumbled on a very special kind of nudibranch : the Glaucus Atlanticus. 

Picture by: Wang, TC, WJ, Chen & Robert - Some rights reserved

Contrary to its name, it can be found worldwide in temperate and tropical waters, with many reports in Australia, South Africa or Carribean Sea. 

On top of the very cute look of this slug, it differs from other nudibranch by its favorite location : free floating on the surface. Unlike many other of its cousins, it does not lurch on the bottom feeding on benthic animals. It prefers floating on the surface of water, using bubbles stored in its stomach to stay on top. Its form and colors act as...


A few Transparent underwater species

by Ksso on February 22, 2013

As I was browsing weird underwater species, I realized there are quite a few that are weirder than others or at least that were showing a particular feature : being transparent.

I picked 3 very different weird ones, but I'm sure there are more ! (don't hesitate to leave your hints in comments I'd love to complete the list). I didn't mention the obvious jellyfishes -  the very ones every diver has encountered (and tried to avoid most of the time) .

1. The Barreleye (Macropinna microstoma)

The Barreley lives in pretty deep places (~2,000m, 6,000ft) and has some incredible eyes able to rotate upwards to look through its transparent skull (actually fluid-filled) ...


Picture of a Giant Manta giving birth

by Ksso on February 08, 2013

Photography: ©2013 Martin Ureta. All Rights Reserved.

Film Maker Martin Ureta is a really lucky diver. As he was in Maldives for a holiday he ended up taking the first ever picture of a giant oceanic manta ray (Manta birostris) giving birth! Mantas aren't mammals but their reproduction is very cingular as during copulation the male will fertilize the female's eggs which will be staying in the female's body for about 12 months. Eggs will hatch internally usually ending with giving birth to one pup.... which is wat the picture captured !

As you may know little is known about the life of those giant animals and their protection is of upmost importance as explained in depth on...


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