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The SCUBA Diving Experience

by Andrew Forget on July 11, 2015

The SCUBA Diving Experience

by Andrew Forget

The cool water races through the suit along your skin as you

place the regulator of your SCUBA system into your mouth and slowly slip under

the water.  A calm comes over you as you

descent slowly to explore a world that few ever see.  The breath-taking surroundings flood your

senses and you are at peace.

How did you get to this point?  Let’s step back 30 minutes.  Every one arrives at the dive site with

anticipation and a sense of adventure flowing through their veins.  As a group the divers assess the site for the

conditions and discuss the dive plan. 

With a sport like SCUBA diving, planning is the key to a fun and safe ...


4 Easy Ways To Share Your Passion For SCUBA Diving!

by SKuba Steve on November 25, 2014

Diving is cool… not just a little bit cool… it’s REALLY cool! Having dive experience and being a part of the SCUBA community makes each of us a member of a fortunate group. The great news is that this group is always looking for new members and as ambassadors of the SCUBA community (aka – SCUBAvangelists) we enjoy drawing people into the sport,  either vicariously through our own dive stories or quite literally by introducing them to diving for themselves.

Here are 4 ways you can share your SCUBA! Dive In to the Under Pressure Dive Blog for more!


Cnidariapocolypse III – The Final Rapture!

by SKuba Steve on April 18, 2014

In Cnidariapocolypse II – 2Narced/2N… well 2Narced! our daring divers averted disaster for themselves but the threat to civilization lingered.

Somewhere… in the deep dark abyss… was… the monster…

…or was there?

Dive in for more on my blog - Cnidariapocolypse III - The Final Rapture

Photo by Derek Keats. Used with permission.


Cnidariapocolypse II – 2Narced/2… well 2Narced!

by SKuba Steve on April 16, 2014

In the last exciting episode of Cnidariapocolypse our intrepid divers were confronting both the great cnidarian leviathan and the ‘rapture of the deep’.

…and let’s face it things were not looking good…

You may have been there yourself at some point; found yourself mid-dive with a buddy that just wasn’t quite all there (assuming they were normally there in the first place – divers can be a silly lot).

Problem solving underwater is a key element to safe and enjoyable diving and this is how Doug and I kept things together and survived the Cnidariapocolypse.

Dive in to read more... Cnidariapocolypse II – 2Narced/2… well 2Narced!

SKuba Steve ...


Cnidariapocolypse – N2 Narcosis Saves the World – Sort Of

by SKuba Steve on April 15, 2014

It happened over the course of just a few seconds. Seconds though that stretched to what felt like strands of never ending salt water taffy, long and sticky.My dive buddy and I were coming up from a great SCUBA dive on a reef in Bonaire. At around 43' I looked up to see a wonder. The sun was shining down through the last atmosphere and a half of our dive and those rays reflected through the fragile bell of a jelly fish. The light shone through in such a way that it seemed the creature was lit from within.

At the time I didn't carry a camera (think... pre GoPro... or PG as I'm fairly confident we'll refer to any date prior to the 2010 release of the GoPro Hero HD system. Just sayin'.) and...


Heading south to the Carribean

by Frank Miller on April 10, 2014

Oh yeah, So it has been a very long winter in the North East of the USA. But in 15 days we are heading to the Caribbean. Cayman Islands, Curacao, Aruba, ST. Thomas and ST.Martin and diving 4 of the 5 Islands, I cant Wait. As you can see we dive all winter long. The picture below is from a ice dive in January. The air was 7f the water was a toasty 34f. Yup definitely time for some warm Caribbean water. Did I say 15 days oh well. Later


My First Mistake

by Shelley Collett on January 11, 2014

We all make mistakes throughout our lives, but most of the time we live to tell about them and hopefully learn something from them.  Sometimes, we feel the desire to tell others... nay, warn others about these mistakes in an effort to prevent them from making the same ones. And still yet other times we don't say anything at all in the hopes that our friends will actually make the same mistake and we can point and laugh at them. (Or maybe that's just me?)

One of the first mistakes I made diving nearly cost me my life. Well maybe not quite that dramatic, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. At the time I was certain I was going to die, and that's what matters, right?  The dive is...


Instant slushies and coldwater free flows

by Chris W on June 30, 2013

This morning as I was quickly clicking through my feed of links to articles, videos and blogs automatically scraped from the web for me I came across this gem of wisdom on the LifeHacker website :

The video demonstrates how cooling carbonated drinks while sealed in their containers to near to their freezing point, then releasing the pressure turns the still liquid contents into instant frozen slush.Firstly - Thats really cool!  (pun intended)...  But secondly - it also works as a great visual reminder perhaps why we need to be aware of the dangers of cold-water freeflow. ...


Working as an instructor - a dream or just a challenge to survive?

by Jonas Falk on November 13, 2012

When surfing around the internet visiting various dive centers and their websites you may encounter several advertisements stating that they are searching instructors. I often wondered whom those ads are targeting. When you dig into the offering, and especially on the money end, it is usually commissions or "internship". Whenever a salary is involved, it is often so low that you end up having to pick from your own savings. Is this really the scuba professional dream we want to achieve?

A student willing to become an instructor and willing to go through an internship "for free" sure looks like a good deal for the dive center.  I understand the need for interns but it also annoys me when it...


To have it easy! So simple it can be if you get along.

by Jonas Falk on November 12, 2012

Dive Board is truly a place to share their journeys and experiences on. To share, to dream or to just gain experience of the intended dive site.

I hope in the future look to be open or integrate a forum to discuss things further on Diveboard. I hope that the dive industry turns around a bit and try to integrate with each other. There is much that is equally out there and I want to tell about which is a site that can connect instructors with dive centers that are looking for staff. A website for instructors who want or are looking for a job where "out" or as a tool for the dive center seeking staff quickly. ...


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