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by LePetit Scaphandrier on July 08, 2016

Remise du Carnet de Plongée du Petit Scaphandrier au fondateur de longitude-181 :

Mr Francois Sarano.

Préface signée par lui-même.

Francois Sarano/Stephane Le PriolSur le stand de Longitude 181 au salon de la Plongée, ce samedi 9 janvier 2016.


Paris scuba show 2012 - "salon de la plongée"

by Ksso on January 13, 2012

The Diveboard crew spent the day at the "Salon de la plongée" - aka Paris scuba show. The show felt bigger and more dense than last year's edition - and spans over 4 days vs 3 last year. Loads and loads of travel agencies and dive clubs presenting their dream destinations and dive packages. I had a terrible crush on the "Azores" as a destination - and just realized no-one has logged a dive there yet ! Wild island in the middle of the Atlantic, big mantas, whales and sharks... Calling out for a fish-eye lens for my camera. Good to see Alban (my ice diving instructor) ruling on a beautiful booth of both his venues the Tignes Ice diving school and the Quercy cave school . Thumbs up for...


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