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Unable to connect to Facebook

by Dave Dunn on June 08, 2017

Hi all,

I'm using Windows 10 with MS Edge and/or IE 11. I cannot connect Diveboard to Facebook. Won't let me login via Facebook, won't let me select dive buddies from Facebook. I have been through Diveboard's (minimal) settings and clicked the option to link to Facebook and all I get is a spinning wheel forever.

Diveboard does appear as an App in Facebook, and I've given the app full Public access, but still no go.

Anyone else suffered this?


Adding new dives

by Clive Temple on October 27, 2016

Hi,How can I add more dives to an old trip? Or (as an alternative) move dives from various trips into one new one?


Diveboard supports EON STEEL or no?

by James Wolf on December 25, 2015

I searched for "eon steel" and got no results.

On your list of supported computers, I see EON but not EON STEEL.

The EON computer is like 20 years old.  - that also doesn't help me at all. The OSX Driver link is just a /# link, which doesn't go anywhere.


Logging in for multiple users

by Paul Stickman on September 21, 2015

1) I have been using Diveboard for a few years now.  I have always signed in using Facebook, but I would like the option of signing in with my email address instead.  When I try to recover a password using my email address, it tells me that there is no user account registered with it.  I hope I don't need to start a new account.  I do get diveboard emails so I am not sure what the deal is. 

2) I have just created an account for my Girlfriend and would like to upload her dives from her Vyper2.  Unfortunately, the diveboard app always says it is signed in as me.  I don't see any place to change the accounts.  I would like to have it open and then let me select the account I want to log in...


Site Issues

by Geoffboyle on September 03, 2015

I've only just signed up, thought the site was a great idea combining the best of manual entry sites and computer log sites.

Trying to manually enter my old dives and on trying to save, the ajax spinner usually runs for a while then I get an error message. Sometimes the dive is saved but not always. Really disappointed.

Impossible to use like this, any chance it will be fixed? 


Unable to update dives in logbook

by Zsispeo on September 01, 2015


For the last few days, I have been mostly unable to update the dives that I uploaded from my dive computer after my last trip other than using the bulk editor in Dive manager (which is quite limited). I can't change the dive parameters (add weights) nor add a tank/gas mix, nor assign a trip name to the other dives of that trip. Most of the time when I click save the page goes dark and the wheel starts turning as normal, but then either it just times out or I get an error message " a technical error occurred". The bulk editor on the other hand succeeds most of the time (only failed when I tried to assign a Dive Center, maybe because I was adding a new one).  ...


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