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Is it worth booking a dive holiday to Thailand during the rainy season?

by Seabeesdiving on May 15, 2017

In terms of tourism, the seasons in Thailand can be divided into 2: The dry season and the wet season.

Most divers come to Thailand during the dry season for obvious reasons.

But what is diving really like during the rainy season?

Is it even possible to dive in Thailand during the rainy season?

In a nutshell, the answer is: yes it is.

However, not always and not everywhere.

In this post we will cover where to dive in Thailand during the rainy season, what points to consider, and how you might even prefer to come to Thailand during the off season for your diving holiday. ...


Intova X2

by David Bishop on May 01, 2017

HiJust wondering if anyone has used the new Intova X2 - I flooded mine first dive (Warranty replacement underway) but was pretty decent for snorkelling. The reviews are scarce and was hoping to get an idea of what to expect.I have had a few Intovas (SP1, SP1-N and Edge X) and found them to run the Gopro pretty close, the intovas are ready to dive out the box so they appeal. Unfortunately there is no supply direct in the UK so had mine imported and not seen anyone else with one. ThanksDavid 'Dibs' Bishop


Miflex\Braided vs standard hoses

by David Bishop on May 01, 2017

Hi AllJust wondering thoughts on Miflex or braided hoses vs standard - I recently 'upgraded' mine and my fiancees regs with these in part for the colour options and my perception that they should be superior in flexability and weight. (Colours & durability back fired as I ended up diving with a pink hose in Egypt).Just thought someone might have an informed opinion on whether it was the right way to go or not?Thanks in advanceDavid 'Dibs's Bishop


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