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Cnidariapocolypse III – The Final Rapture!

by SKuba Steve on April 18, 2014

In Cnidariapocolypse II – 2Narced/2N… well 2Narced! our daring divers averted disaster for themselves but the threat to civilization lingered.

Somewhere… in the deep dark abyss… was… the monster…

…or was there?

Dive in for more on my blog - Cnidariapocolypse III - The Final Rapture

Photo by Derek Keats. Used with permission.


Cnidariapocolypse II – 2Narced/2… well 2Narced!

by SKuba Steve on April 16, 2014

In the last exciting episode of Cnidariapocolypse our intrepid divers were confronting both the great cnidarian leviathan and the ‘rapture of the deep’.

…and let’s face it things were not looking good…

You may have been there yourself at some point; found yourself mid-dive with a buddy that just wasn’t quite all there (assuming they were normally there in the first place – divers can be a silly lot).

Problem solving underwater is a key element to safe and enjoyable diving and this is how Doug and I kept things together and survived the Cnidariapocolypse.

Dive in to read more... Cnidariapocolypse II – 2Narced/2… well 2Narced!

SKuba Steve ...


Cnidariapocolypse – N2 Narcosis Saves the World – Sort Of

by SKuba Steve on April 15, 2014

It happened over the course of just a few seconds. Seconds though that stretched to what felt like strands of never ending salt water taffy, long and sticky.My dive buddy and I were coming up from a great SCUBA dive on a reef in Bonaire. At around 43' I looked up to see a wonder. The sun was shining down through the last atmosphere and a half of our dive and those rays reflected through the fragile bell of a jelly fish. The light shone through in such a way that it seemed the creature was lit from within.

At the time I didn't carry a camera (think... pre GoPro... or PG as I'm fairly confident we'll refer to any date prior to the 2010 release of the GoPro Hero HD system. Just sayin'.) and...


Chichiriviche de la Costa Venezuela

by Antonio Enrique Dugarte Guedez on April 14, 2014

Dive Resort recommended excellent dive center 

In the western area of the Central Coast and about an hour from Simon Bolivar Airport, lies the beautiful bay of Chichiriviche, the beach is clean with lots of beach for relaxing or sunbathing, with gentle waves and quite deep. 

It is ideal for many to get started in scuba diving and there are training centers, dive instructors who can help with site experience. The fund can observe coral sandy rocky or coral, coral walls and abundant marine life such as angelfish, cachamas, bulls, corocoros, trumpet fish, corrotuchas, sergeants and amberjack. At 22 mts. deep divers (they succeed) are welcomed by a...


Finding the Giant Squid

by Ksso on April 11, 2014

An absolutely must-see TED Talk by marine biologist Edith Widder explaingin how they managed to attract and make footage of the giant squid.

As Edith reminds us, we've only explored 5% of our oceans - there's still a lot to discover! Hidden in the abyss may be more wonders like the giant squid produced by hundreds of millions of years of evolution.


Is Your Dive Computer Your Submersible Pressure Gauge?

by SKuba Steve on April 03, 2014

With the proliferation of dive computers and the recent release of a recreational option from Shearwater(Shearwater just contact me for an address to send the demo ;) ) dive computers are moving from luxury to must-have dive gear.

This shift is for good reason. There are many benefits to diving a computer and the counter arguments are quickly losing ground to experience and dive data.

As ‘air integration’ or what might be more easily said… dive computers that ‘monitor your tank pressure’… becomes more popular as well, it begs the question:

Does an air integrated computer replace your submersible pressure gauge (SPG)?


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