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Use Double Strobes for Macro Photography

by Simon Chiu on October 23, 2014

Why use double strobes for UW macro photography? The following two reasons are my humble opinions about it:

1. Reduce shadow

It's very easy to create shadow when we use only one source of lighting, like the picture shows below. I don't mean shadow is totally wrong or bad for the UW pictures. Shadow can bring more contrast and stereoscopic, however, many details will be lost in shadow.

Last time, I used double strobes to take the pictures of Porcelain Crab. As what we see below, there is less shadow on the subject and the picture is softer.

2. Various Strobe positioning ...


Diveboard news: Introducing the Diveboard agent

by Ksso on October 16, 2014

Since the very beginning you've been able to upload dives from your dive computer through the Diveboard plugin that was running within your web browser and connecting to your dive computers. This has worked great so far but came with a few issues such as the lack of an offline mode - you needed to be online and logged in to grab your dive profiles and upload them. Moreover browsers will soon drop the support for plugins like this. So we needed to evolve our plugin towards a more future proof solution. 

So we crated the Divebaord Agent.

Just like the plugin, it will work on Mac/Linux/Windows. The agent lives in the tray and will connect to your dive computer and upload dive profiles to...


MANUAL Focus with Mirrorless Camera

by Simon Chiu on October 02, 2014

Out of focus again and again!!!

Can't focus underwater by auto mode, why not try MANUAL FOCUS?

I believe many divers who use mirrorless cameras and newly started to take macro pictures have the difficulty to focus on subjects. Using a mirrorless camera without a viewfinder, we have to take pictures by LCD monitor. This is one of the disadvantages of using mirrorless because it consumes battery faster. However, I take it as an advantage because it makes me apply manual focusing more easily.I went diving couple of weeks ago and practiced manual focusing with my Panasonic GF1. The picture below doesn't show clearly what the subject was, but it's a good example of manual focusing....


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