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Safety rules in cave diving

by David Szerman on June 26, 2013

So now, you are convinced : you want to try cave diving !

But still some worries... Is it really safe ?

First of  all, it is really important to start any initiation or training with a cave instructor.

Every cave diver uses the same set of safety rules and here are the main ones : 

- Guide line : it is your best friend but also your worse one. Correctly put in place, it helps you (with some arrows) to find your way to the closest exit. But not correctly put in place or wrong diver trim, you can be trapped

- Lights : you do not dive with one light, nor with two lights but THREE lights. In case the main one fails, you can use the first backup light and swim to the exit. If the backup light...


Becoming a PADI Instructor

by Phil on June 24, 2013

So I've decided to finally make the leap to becoming a PADI Instructor. It is my nature to over-prepare for everything I attempt in life so naturally I booked my IDC/IE for December of 2013. I will be diving with The Rainbow Reef Dive Center based in Key Largo, Florida.I've been diving for four years now and have logged a couple hundred dives since then. I've been a PADI divemaster for going on two years now. I have been holding off on getting my instructor because everything I've read has told me that there is no money in it and it is hard to find a job. Although those claims may or my not be true; it has stopped me previously from pushing myself to the next level and I've felt a deep...


Beautiful scuba commercial by Swatch

by Ksso on June 22, 2013

Swatch really doesn't naturally click with scuba. And while I'm still trying to figure out what this new line of watches has to do with scuba - couldn't find depth rating or any scuba feature aside from the name of the watches (lionfish... ), I was awed by the video clip - it would have been an amazing clip for Diveboard !

By the way the soundtrack is "Underwater" by Mika (here on Spotify)


Tiny and awesome: Discovering Lembeh Macro Life

by Ksso on June 19, 2013

Khaled Sultani made that incredible video starring the macro life in Lembeh Strait . Lembeh is considered the "muck diving capital" and is probably the best place to be for underwater macro photographers. With a biodiversity like nowhere else combined with the friendliness of Indonesians, it's a place to pin on every diver's map.

Follow Khaled through this video and ... let's see how many species you can recognizem ! Hit the comments with your tags time:species !

Got Muck? from Khaled Sultani on Vimeo.


The Reel Thing

by Kernsart on June 06, 2013

Reels for diving, come in many shapes and sizes, along with many features and prices. Which one is right for you? I have always told divers when they ask me what to purchase,"Don't buy where you are, but buy where you see yourself going." There is a reason for this. If you buy gear suited for where your training level is, then when you move forward in knowledge, you will have to purchase better suited gear. If you purchase an air only dive computer, and want to dive Nitrox (enriched air) in the future, you either own two computers or one that is fit for your needs now and later.My feelings on the matter, apply to dive reels as well. I recently purchased a Rickly USGS HIF Type 1 Reels with...


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