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I can barely feel my lips

by Phil on April 29, 2013

I've been diving for around 4 years and I've logged hundreds of dives. I work part time as a Divemaster in Iowa. Iowa diving does not offer what people would consider 'warm water diving.' Warm water in the Midwest means around 70 degrees Fahrenheit maximum! On average when certifying students the water is between 45 and 70 degrees which requires two piece 7mm suits most of the season (I can only imagine the pain of those divers up north in Canada!)While a two piece 7mm suit will keep you fairly warm, one thing that is hard to keep warm is your lips. I was unaware of any solution to keeping my lips warm outside of a full face mask; which would require additional training as well as quite a...


Subsurface 2013 Underwater Photo Contest

by Elche on April 18, 2013

The scuba diving magazine and its Hungarian

partner site, organize picture of the month contests since 2007

and shootout competitions since 2009. During the last few years the

photographers sent hundreds of images to the picture of the month contests

and this traditional online contest is still going on with different subjects

every month. There is a video snapshot contest since 2010 as well. They felt

maybe they are able to organize a different kind of competition, an annual one

with modified rules and valuable prizes. After a few months of work the two

websites proudly announce a new international photo contest with 4200 USD in ...


Support Coralbot on Kickstarter

by Ksso on April 17, 2013

We first heard about the Coralbot about a year ago. Imagined by a team of scientists from the Heriot-Watt university, the projects leverages on research on swarm intelligence to provide an innovative solution to restore the function of reefs, both shallow and deep across the globe. They just launched a kickstarter project to raise 107 000$ to build prototypes to demonstrate their approach.

Coral-bots are a team of robots that intelligently navigate across a damaged coral reef, transplanting pieces of healthy corals along the way. The big job of developing and testing the robots at sea has already been done. All that remains is to embed the robots with computer vision to “see” healthy bits...


Quick start for dive professionals on Diveboard

by Ksso on April 11, 2013

At Diveboard we spent a lot of time recently thinking about the professional divers and how we could help them be more present online and on Diveboard.

There have been pro pages on Diveboard for a while, but to be fair they were just a slightly tuned version of the usual diver logbook - and while quite a lot of dive shops were listed there we had the feeling it wasn't up to what we had in mind.

Hence here come the new Pro pages ! While still under heavy work - a lot is already there for you dive professionals to try out.

The starter version starts with only two basic elements: ...


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