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Top-5 Most popular dive sites

by Pascal on October 30, 2013

We've been putting a lot of work lately on trying to tidy up the spot database. The result is an easier and more precise identification of the spots where diverboarders have been.

Also, it provides great insights on which are the most popular (crowded?) dive sites around the world. Here are the top 5 most popular diving spots, based on the dives logged on diveboard to date.

1. Jackson reef in Egypt (Sharm El Sheik)

Jackson Reef is located in the straits of Tiran, north of Sharm El Sheik. The dive site is very famous for the great profusion of hard and soft corals like gorgonian fans or black corals. The strong currents on the northern shore of the reef brings a great amount of food for...


World Octopus Day

by Ksso on October 09, 2013

Yesterday was the World Octopus Day - joins me in the celebration of one of my favorite species to encounter during a dive.

Octopuses are playful and when you learn how to interact with them you're on for hours of fun (air permitting). But as the infographics above reminds us, they are far from being helpless - armed with strong tentacles and a powerful beak they can be dreadful if you are careless !

Also watch out for polluted areas - we know too well how octopuses react to toxic spills (if you missed that joke you probably need to play Day of the Tentacle) !


How to safely push away an aggressive shark by Eli Martinez

by Ace Manev on October 09, 2013

Like to share a YouTube video that I recently watched.

I have encountered only reef sharks and they usually shy away on encounter. Nevertheless, interesting video to watch...


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