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Fish round-up: the Frogfish

by Ksso on November 28, 2011

Frogfishes represent the Antennariidae family which accounts for 12 genera and 45 species.They are usually oddly-shaped : roundish, sometimes spiky, rather small (about 20 cm) and their main characteristics are  (Pietsch, 1981):

the presence of three well-developed dorsal spines

laterally directed eyes

a large, anterodorsally directed mouth

a short, laterally compressed body

They can be seen in most tropical and subtropical oceans and seas as shown by  the map below.

Frogfish are super difficult to spot as their color patterns usually matches the one of the rocky places they live in. Moreover, on top of their camouflage skills, they tend to lay very very still which makes their spotting...


Diveboard TV: Underwater Opera

by Ksso on November 14, 2011

Underwater Video Contest Winners 2009 The Underwater Video "Oscar"Underwater Opera awarded! Gold Medal for 2009 year of underwater digital video at Underwater Video Contest Winners 2009 like the Underwater Video 'Oscar' "Underwater Opera" - is next sample of our diving experience during project "Escape to Nature". Don't forget to turn your speakers loud to enjoy the movie!!! ;-) You can order DVD with documentary travelogue Escape to Mauritius including bonus Underwater Opera and slideshow at escapetonature.euProducer and Filmmaker: Escape to Nature (Libor Spacek and Petra Dolezalova)Video and music edited by Tomas Dolezal (Vizage)camera: Sony PMW-EX1 (XDCAM EX (PAL/NTSC)uw housing:...


Diveboard feature updates : direct link to pictures & performance

by Ksso on November 09, 2011

Small update this morning addressing performance issues, a small bug in the gear management api and a new feature : You can now get direct link to your each and every of your pictures and share it wherever you want. The link will open your logbook on the right page and show the targeted picture in the lightbox - isn't that convenient ?Of course if you share the link on Facebook or G+ the tags are adjusted so it is this image that gets displayed as thumbnail and you get the species info and notes of the picture not the dive - which makes sense. 


Diveboard feature updates: Bulk Editor

by Ksso on November 07, 2011

This week bring a complete revamp of the bulk dive editor. This one has been pretty complicated, we wanted to let you easily apply values or bulk operations to existing dives... while lettign you easily sort through them and identify which is which. This sounds easy when you have 10 dives, but some of our users have over 200 dives !We finally came up with a UI that seems to be doing the job (although it still requires a bit of polishing imho)With easy show/hide details, sorting by many different columns focus on given fields... I hope you like what we've built ! This will also allow for more flexibility for upcoming updates while keeping core functions easily accessible.


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