Dived on: Manta Point, Nusa Penida - 27m, 52min - With Marco Cramarossa
Posted on 04/10/16 at 14:01

Plongée magique, 1 dizaine de mantas géantes ... pour le plus beau des ballets


Dived on: Manta Point - 12m, 54min
Posted on 27/10/14 at 10:38

8 Mantarochen, herrlich, umwerfend, atemberaubend:))) Pfropfs Anzug 3mm, lang


Dived on: Blue Lagoon Shark Point - 19m, 57min - With Geko Dive Bali
Posted on 18/02/16 at 11:00

Great dive. Saw white tip reef sharks, turtles, octopusses and lots of fish.

Jim Sheward

Dived on: Pura Pep - 26m, 52min - With Nico Novan from Bali Crystal Divers
Posted on 31/07/12 at 13:37

Lost rock, paper, scissors competition and had to eat banana underwater.

Colin Cren

Dived on: Manta Point, Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia - 78ft, 45min
Posted on 27/10/15 at 00:55

Lots of big manta! very lively. Some spotted sting rays, some piled up.