Sydney, Australia

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Average on surface: 22ºC

Average on bottom: 19ºC














Average depth: 13.84m


shark octopus seahorse eels

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Diving in Australia, La Perouse - By Sebdive

By Sebdive - Bare Island East

Diving in Australia, Lilli Pilli, Port Hacking - By Sebdive

By Sebdive - Shiprock

By Sebdive - Clifton Gardens

Diving in Australia, Nelson Bay - By Sebdive

By Sebdive - Halifax Park

Diving in Australia, Nelson Bay - By Lieve Lievens

By Lieve Lievens - Fly Point

Diving in Australia, Swansea - By Alex

By Alex - Swansea Bridge








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Went with Greg for a dive at Clifton Gardens. The dive went for about 2 hours in total, we saw lots of cephalopods like octopus and cuttlefish, pygmy leatherjackets were courting and fighting off competing males, there were plenty of nudibranchs, a painted anglerfish and a tentacle held my hand! Oh, and there were seahorses and green moray eels too. All in all a really great dive. Towards the end of the dive I began to get cold, but I kept filming and got a lot of great footage. I also manage to find a scuba knife, so now all I need is to find a holster and my kit feels more and more complete all the time. I tried different settings with the gopro this time. I used 2.7k resolution at 30fps and spot metering. I think I'll keep these settings. The extra resolution helps a whole lot, and I don't miss the higher frame rates. Spot metering seems like it helped keep exposures in reasonable ranges given the spot lights we've been using on the dives.

First dive with my newly repaired regs and tank! Finally my own kit. I feel really secure because I know how to put it all together and we adjusted my BC so I wasn't rolling around in the water like I was last dive. First dive at the east side of the island. Pretty easy entry but I find getting down the rocks on the way to the water pretty hard carrying so much weight. I read some articles about buoyancy and trim, so I decided to try and cut my weight back. 2 pounds less and my buoyancy and trim were a lot easier to maintain. I think I've been fighting the weights on other dives, which is exhausting. My second stage also doesn't bleed air anymore. I had the same amount of air left at the end as the boys! We saw a giant cuttlefish guy and a tiny little boxfish that looked like a well propelled bubble, lots of big swarming schools of catfish, and some beautiful red and purple and gold fish.

Dive with Nina (also dive 58)

First ow dive ever!

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